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Tips and Tricks to Better Attack in FIFA 18 

On past times we tell you how to defend better, but once you have learned these techniques, it is time to counterattack! Join us to know the best ways to attack in FIFA 18. 


Training is everything

So that you can have a good attack and generate many chances of goal, you need to go out into the field with the proper training.
In this case we must bet on a 4-3-3, a formation that could assure us up to 4 FIFA 18 players in the opposing area and not leave the team's rearguard so uncovered.

After choosing the 4-3-3 you should take these tips:

• Choose fast players. The speed can hide other deficiencies in the parameters and be very dangerous.
• Leave the best forward in the center because more balls will arrive.
• The other two forwards must have a high dribble score to overwhelm the defenders when they face the area laterally.
• The central midfielder must have a very strong shot to generate opportunities at the edge of the area, as well as a good pass.
• The rest of the midfielders must be fast and overflow well, besides having a good pass to get the balls up.
• Make the central ones go up in the set balls, having two that are good heads.

After having chosen the appropriate training with the appropriate attack players which you could get with buy FIFA 18 Coins, we must give them a series of orders from the instructions tab of the game:

• You must grant aggressiveness to the midfielders, even at the risk of cards. That way they will steal many balls.
• The playmaker must go up to the area in all attacks, the rest of the media can go down to defend at any time.
• Attackers should never go down the middle of the field
• Choose 'high pressure' tactics.

Once you have mastered and recognized your formation, you will be ready to jump to the next phase of the attack, that is, to shoot and shoot penalties with great certainty. But we'll leave that for the next week.


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